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University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo

Applied Learning, Island Laboratory, Indigenous Language Revitalization, Diversity, Asian Studies

Passport Block

The Passport Block listed here is for general information only.
Students must see the institution's website for access to its official block.

Any GE-LA (Language Arts) course, currently in the Structural Requirements of GE for graduation.

Any GE-FW course (Foundations: Written Communication)

 Any GE-FQ course (Foundations: Quantitative Reasoning).

Any two GE-DB or DP courses (Diversification: Biological Science or Physical Science), and any one GE-DY course (Laboratory Science)

Any two GE-FGA, FGB, or FGC courses (Foundations: Global and Multicultural Perspectives).

Any GE intro to theory or concepts course that overlaps with another block within GE (for example: MATH100, HIST151, HIST152, ART175, ART176, ANTH150, PHIL100, PHIL211, PHIL101, PHIL209, ANTH215, ECON100, POLS201, POLS242, PSY100, SOC100, WS151, ASTR110, MARE110, GEOL100, GEOL112, ENSC100, BIOL100, COM270, CS100, PHYS110, etc.)

Any two GE-DA, DH, or DL courses (Diversification: Arts, Humanities, or Literature).


Any GE-GCC course (Global and Community Citizenship).

From the GE-Integrative requirements category.

Any two GE-DS courses (Diversification: Social Sciences).

Special Programs

Marine Science, Marine Biology, Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hawaiian Indigenous Language and Culture Revitalization, Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Heritage Management, Aeronautical Sciences

Contact Info

Institutional Liaison: Shelby Wong
Student Contact: Farrah-Marie Gomes

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